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Social Media Marketing and your Marketing ROI

ROI is defined as (gain on investment-cost of investment/cost of investment), with the expectation of investing less than you will actually get in return. ROI is a business metric, not a media metric, so it will prove legitimate results with social media marketing including SEO, email marketing, and website implementation. Oliver Blanchard, a BrandBuilder Marketing […]

How not to manage your Social Media

With numerous social media scandals hitting the news of late, you would assume that companies would take extra care when dealing with complaints from the public. Customer service issues and problems addressed through public social media channels rarely end well, as was the recent case of UK based company Cineworld Cinemas. An argument on Twitter […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Instagram

In just a few short years the use of Instagram has skyrocketed, with millions of active users sharing and viewing photos through the application on a daily basis. With such a large potential audience, it has become one of the most effective platforms for brands to market themselves and to target potential customers. However, regardless […]

Welcoming the Bots: Facebook Messenger Advertising

It All Started with Facebook Facebook, now a grey-haired veteran of the Internet wars, was once the newest kid on the block. Over time, the brilliant minds behind Facebook have added more and more functionality. Facebook chat, implemented as a mobile app called messenger, is one of the more popular added functionalities. The concept was […]